Sphider - A PHP search engine

Latest versions

Sphider 1.3.6, release date 04-06-2013
Code injection vulnerability bug fix (Ando Saabas)
Download: Sphider 1.3.6

Sphider 1.3.5, release date 13-12-2009
Fixed ereg warnings - PHP 6 compatible now (Ando Saabas)
Updated Bulgarian language file (Martin Halachev)

Sphider 1.3.4, release date 29-04-2008
An XSS vulnerability bug fixed (Ando Saabas)

Previous versions

Sphider 1.3.4b, release date 11-12-2007
Bug in file download function fixed (Viorel Irimia)
Bug with possible bold tag bleeding in result titles fixed (Ando Saabas)
Index all dows not load keyword table multiple times any more (Ando Saabas)
Bug with certain searches returning too many results fixed (Ando Saabas)

Sphider 1.3.3, release date 15-09-2007
Sphider now also works on ports other than default 80 (Ando Saabas)
By default socket connectability checking removed (Ando Saabas)
"Url must contain option" now an OR option instead of AND(Ando Saabas)
"Duplicate entry" bug fixed (Ando Saabas)
Limit max title size in search results (Tec)
A bug in "not" words query fixed (Ando Saabas)

Sphider 1.3.2, release date 28-07-2007
Indexing speed improvements (Ando Saabas)
Bug with > sign in title fixed (Ando Saabas)
Accent conversion bug fixed (Ando Saabas)
Bug with accented characters in suggest fixed (Tec)
Other minor bug fixes and improvements (Ando Saabas)
Czech language file added (Marek Capla)

Version history